About Circle B Outfitters

Brandon and his son Bryson have always had a love and passion for the outdoors.  Brandon grew up on the ranch and has raised Bryson to enjoy all things outdoors as well. Bryson loves going on an early evening ride around the property, with his .22, looking for armadillos to shoot.  Although he’s still too young to use the larger guns, he enjoys riding along during thermal hog hunts or sitting in a blind waiting for the action.

Brandon has taught his son about gun safety and that it’s called “hunting” not “killing” for a reason.  That you don’t shoot just any doe or buck.  You hunt with respect for life values, self-control and view hunting as a sacred institution rather than simply an outdoor sport.

Brandon and his son feel strongly about educating our youth about gun safety and hunting.  Many tragedies could have been avoided if children were not curious about guns and had been educated about gun safety.  It is their goal to help teach our youth, the future of hunting, everything they can about the sport.

With this being their first year in business, they are excited to share their “little slice of heaven” with everyone.  Circle B Outfitters has 2500 acres located in Centerville, Texas.  They have twelve enclosed box stands, fifteen ladder/lock on tree stands, twenty feeders and have just about everything to accommodate any hunter. Brandon and his family look forward to seeing you at Circle B Outfitters!

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    *2020-2021 Season Update - We Are Fully Booked For the Season. More Information Coming Next Spring.

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